NT Church Precepts

The Lord pressed upon my heart that there is a need for His disciples to return to His precepts. This page was created to provoke thought, consideration and self examination of one’s purpose and motives for what we do as the “so called church (1 Cor. 11:28)(2 Cor. 13:5-8).”

Precept comes from the Hebrew word “piqquwd” (Strong’s number H6490) which means law or commandment and it appears predominantly throughout Psalms 119 where the Lord through David encourages his believers to purse his word. We are also encouraged in Isaiah to hear the word of the Lord and know and follow his precepts (Isa. 28:9-14). We are also informed that God’s people perish for lack of knowledge (Hos. 4:6). Finally, we are encouraged to keep the Lord’s commandments if we love him (John 14:15)(John 15:10)(Pro. 7:2).

For today’s individuals to return to the Lord’s plan for His New Testament Church, one must be willing to leave the traditions of men that permeate the “Organized Church” and return to the true precepts of the Lord based on the Holy Scriptures. One should strive to serve God according to His righteousness and not according to a righteousness of one’s own heart or one that has been taught by man-based organizations (Rom. 10:1-4).

The Holy Spirit pressed upon my heart these initials precepts of the Holy Scriptures in regards to the Church to share on this blog. This list is not meant to be all inclusive but a reflective list to cause one to consider what they are doing versus what the Lord is desiring of them. Feel free to email me ideas for additions to this list as the Lord touches your heart as we seek to work together to grow the Lord’s church on this earth towards His perfection that He will be seeking when He returns (Eph 5:27)(2 Pet. 3:14)(1 Tim. 6:14).

NT Precept

Organized Church’s Terminology Summary
Individuals are the church Going to Church Believers are temples of Holy Ghost (living church) versus modern concept of "going to church"
Holy Scripture Precepts Man’s Doctrines Believers follow precepts of Holy Scriptures versus doctrines and commandments of men and traditions
Holy Scriptures Bible God calls them Holy Scriptures which we’ve replaced with Bible (meaning “book”)
House of the Lord Church Believers go to the House of the Lord because we are “the church”
Believers as Temple Building as Temple Temple worship no longer required after Jesus’ Death because God’s spirit departed the temple and now indwells true believers
Fellowship Worship Fellowship and not worship should be the primary focus of believers
Word is the seed Money is the Seed Jesus likens Word to Seed because Word is alive and can grow in hearts.   Money CANNOT be seed because it is not alive and cannot reproduce!

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