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Link / Description
Bible Place Resource Study Center
An online bible study resource center web site launched by Kelvin in 1999. Online Basic Believers Belief’s course covering subjects such as Salvation, How to Read, Baptism, Fasting, Marriage and Relationships, Spiritual Warfare, etc.
Alpha and Omega Christian Worship Center
Main web site for church where I serve as Apostle. Visit her for information about the church and ministry, lessons, praise and worship teaching and songs, audio sermons, and other materials
Alpha and Omega CWC Podcast
Click here to have our weekly sermons automatically downloaded via itunes to your iPhone, iPad, iPhone and other devices to listen “on the go”
Bible Place’s Latest Studies
A Blog for the Bible Study site where we periodically share in-depth bible studies. Sign up to follow us.
Holy Ghost Inspired Wisdom
Blog where we share general wisdom and insights that the Holy Ghost has revealed to us over the years (1 Cor. 12:8.
Alpha & Omega CWC FACEBOOK Page
Facebook page for Alpha and Omega Christian Worship Center. Click here to follow us on Facebook.

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