Basic Beliefs Study Course

The Holy Spirit inspired me to write a series of books on Basic Believers Beliefs when I was serving as the Founding Pastor of the Tinker AFB Gospel Service.  I made the content of those study books online when we launched the Bible Place web site in April 1998.  You can enjoy, read and study them below.

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Teach Yourself To Read The Bible
Provides a background on bibles so you can select one, gives principles for reading the bible, and recommended reading patterns.  Gets you off to a good start as a new believer.
Understanding God’s Plan for Salvation
What does God say about Salvation?
This lessons will answer your questions.  It is filled with scriptures that explain salvation.   Easy reading.  You will walk away with a scriptural understanding of what salvation is all about
Teach Yourself About Baptism
Should you be baptized?  This lessons covers many scriptures in the new testament related to baptism.  You can read and the Holy Spirit will help you understand the need for baptism in your life.
Teach Yourself About Fasting
Do you want to fast as they did in the new testament church.  This lesson will provide you scripture guidance to help get you started.
Teach Yourself About Spiritual Relationships
This lessons shares with you biblical insights that you can utilize to enrich your Christian fellowship and personal relationships.  Builds unity and harmony within the church.
Marriage: The Best Part of Life
What does God say about marriage? God uses the marriage to teach us about Christianity.  This books helps to build a strong marriage.
Understanding Gifts & Callings: Their Role in Today’s Church
What are Gifts and Callings? Who gives them?  How do we get one?  How do we find our particular calling?
Understanding Spiritual Warfare in Today’s Church
Are we really in a spiritual battle or is it a bunch of none sense.  This lesson teaches you the art of Spiritual Warfare based on the scriptures.
Understanding Spiritual Warfare 2:Know Your Enemy
What are the devices that satan uses against us today?  In order to fight our enemy effectively, we must know him. This book shows you some of the devices satan uses today.

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